HomeTown Water was founded with the goal of providing the local community residents throughout the USA with clean, healthy water. We want families to have access to the highest quality of water in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.

At HomeTown Water we only endorse the most elite products that will generate the purest caliber of water throughout your home. Unfiltered water can contain impurities such as high amounts of iron, sulfur, bacteria and other contaminants that can be harmful to your health, ruin appliances, and stain fixtures. Properly filtered water is an investment that protects everything important to you!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Let us help you and your family, by improving your quality of life. We carry a variety of customizable options to fit your needs and budget!

HomeTown Water WILL help thousands of families with their need for the cleanest water and desire for better living! Join the HTW family today!

Current Events:
In light of the destruction of hurricane Irma, we have been able to extend our reach to Puerto Rico and provide 1050 water filter bottles! This equates to 105,000 gallons of water! Special thanks to all who have made this possible!